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Microporous filter

Microporous filter



Our factory introduce foreign advanced technology, according to FDA and GMP standard manufacture, filter apparatus quality for import stainless steel while being high-quality(304,316L). Its characteristic is small, light, easy to use, large filter area, the stopping up rate is low, rapid filter, pollution-free, hot stability of the speed and chemical stability is good. This filter can filter a large part of particle, so widely used for fine filter and sterilization.

1 The filter barrel is of one core, two cores five cores, seven cores, nine cores, eleven cores, thirteen cores and fifteen cores.

2 The length of fold type filter core is of 10’20’30’40’’.

3 The material for filter core are respectively polytetrafluoroethylene, polysulfone nylon, polypropylene, acetic acid fiber.

4 The filter hole is of 0.1μm0.22μm0.45μm1μm3μm

5μm10μm30μm60μm, with two branches of (suitable for gas)

and hydrophile (suitable for liquid), selected in accordance with the need.