Emulsion vertically cooling tank Kelao Machine
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Emulsion vertically cooling tank

Emulsion vertically cooling tank



1Brief introduction

This equipment adopting large, vertical cooling surface is introduced in 90s with advanced technology, through the fixed full automatic controlling system, it can be operated in first time of positioning, and also can refrigerate the milk rapidly to the desirable 5C and continuously keeping the temperature, in prevent of there production of bacterium and remaining the A grade emulsive state of emusion.

The refrigeration compressor adopting the overall sealing compressor, with perfect property and energy-saving function, which is assembled with relia-ble protector for avoiding the overload or burned engine caused by the trouble system. The heat-keeping layer applied the new technology of polyurethane foaming have a good feature of heat-insulation. The tank body made of the qualified stainless steel(OCr18Ni9) is mounted with auto assemble of pressure-increasing, cleaning and agitating.