Horizontal Axis Tilting Jacket Kettle Kelao Machine
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Horizontal Axis Tilting Jacket Kettle
Horizontal Axis Tilting Jacket Kettle
Horizontal axis tilting jacket kettle used in high viscosity food material for boil and configuration. Tank-type body, jacket to heat (steam), worm gear reducer driver stirs the horizontal axis, the frequency converter and stepless speed adjustment controls suspension speed. The blender uses slurry, scraping the edge (rolling material) mixing, no dead angle, mechanical transmission unloaded and reset
Characteristics of Jacket Kettle
1, Horizontal axis tilting jacket kettle uses steam heating system, has advantages of easy control heat source, clean and sanitation, simple and convenient maintenance, safe operation.
2, Horizontal axis tilting jacket kettle equipped with stir device, making the material flow circulation and make it fully mix. At the same time, through the stirring device, it can constantly mix the heated material and no-heated materials to even.
3, recycling pipeline design is energy saving way, can save the energy.
4, the pot body is the best design, help to the effective heat flow in heating or cooling process.
5, all components (including cylinder body) are using 304 stainless steel material and other corrosion resistant material, blades can move (facilitate), convenient to clean and replace.